Sunday, 24 March 2013

I was wrong...

I have never been quite so pleased to admit I'm wrong.  Hope's Rotavirus sample came back negative today.  We are thankful that she does not have Rotavirus.  The Cardiologist came to see us today and decided that although Hope cannot be discharged tomorrow, they would like to send her out on an overnight pass.  If we take her home and she does perfectly well, we can simply bring her back during the day to get checked out by the staff and then head home again.  It all sounds so simple, but is not.

Currently Hope is on oxygen and having a difficult time coming off.  She must be off oxygen in order to come home for her passes.  Please pray that the diuretics start to work and she is able to come off of the oxygen.  The other major issue that could be a HUGE set back, is vomit.  Tonight at 6:30 pm, Hope threw up.  We are hoping that this was a one time thing that will not happen again.  If she continues to throw up all through the night, we'll have to face the fact that she is not tolerating her feeds once again. If that happens, we are likely to be in hospital for months.  What do we feed her if she tolerates absolutely nothing?  Looking for something for her to eat will be a huge task and will keep us there for a VERY long time.

I have been on a complete emotional roller coaster all day long.  At one moment our dreams of coming home are gone, then we get a glimpse of hope.  A few hours later it is taken away again, but returns once again.  I'm exhausted!  Please pray that tomorrow I am able to put Hope's carseat into our car and drive out of the hospital parking lot.  Even if it's only for a few hours!


  1. ...praying so hard for you. I know you mentioned it before but why can Hope not access the breast milk bank? It seems that the breast milk she received was what she tolerated best.

  2. Amy.....praying for you to get Hope home soon...when my daughter wouldn't drink breast milk, we put her on goats milk. I know that sounds odd but it was the perfect solution for us. It is high in the fats that the brain needs and it digests in 15 minutes. My daughter loved it. Just thought I would put the idea out there.