Monday, 4 March 2013


Today we took a step in the wrong direction.  At 2 am Hope started to throw up and had specks of blood in her vomit.  Her feeds were stopped but she continued to throw up, eventually she was throwing up green bile.  By 9 am she had spiked a fever and did nothing but sleep.  The doctors took blood, stool, urine and boogers to run tests on everything.  Hope was started on a medication to stop any further bleeding and an antibiotic as a precaution.

What a step in the wrong direction, we are so disappointed and are hoping that she has gotten a bad bug and is not showing an intolerance to the breast milk.  We should get some of the test results back tomorrow and more answers.  Hope's X-ray looked abnormal and her bowels are extremely irritated.  Throwing up green bile is a bad sign, it can often mean there is an obstruction in the bowel.  The General Surgery doctor came to see her and decided that her stomach was soft and an obstruction is unlikely, but still possible.

Until Hope's stomach stops draining bile, they are holding all feeds and she is taking nothing by mouth.  Please pray that her stomach settles quickly and we have more success when we're able to feed her once again.  Please also pray that Shawn and I would stay encouraged as we deal with another setback.  I miss the smiling happy girl that we had for a few weeks.


  1. praying praying praying. -Annie in Toronto

  2. Let's pray it is a short lived "bug" and that she will be on the mend by tomorrow. Continuing to pray as many of my friends are as well.Think of you all daily. So glad you have a few of my friends as part of your immediate support group. They are wonderful friends.From the east country.S