Monday, 17 December 2012

Short and Sweet

Tonight I do not feel like writing.  I guess it's a short update with just the facts kind of night.  It wasn't a terrible day, I'm just feeling lazy.

Hope has a dangerously low magnesium level.  This proves that she is not absorbing her feeds and TPN (liquid nutrients) will be running until they can find a way to make her absorb food.  The infectious disease team said that if they can't find a source for the fevers, they may do a spinal tap.  The cardiologists no longer agree about whether or not to do the cath and we may not find out until Wednesday what they've decided.  Hope is throwing up, she can't absorb the food so it comes back up. Hope has a terrible diaper rash from constant diarrhea that they can't explain or stop.  Hope will now have blood work much too often to check her magnesium levels after getting infusions of it.

Not a great day for Hope but she's staying strong and we had some nice times together today.  It's a Monday and a care shift day as well.  We got a new cardiologist, GI specialist and Pediatrician on rotation this week.  Should be interesting, maybe new minds will have some new ideas to make this little lady more comfortable.

Please continue to pray.  The doctors need wisdom and Hope still needs a miracle.


  1. I most definitely have not forgotten about you or your family.
    Praying for a miracle and have passed on word to my father about finding you the world's best doctors.
    The same miracle workers that helped my mother out of the hospital when all hope has been lost.

    Brian :D

  2. Even my two year old remembers Hope in her prayers. We're strangers...but we're praying.

  3. I keep your family in my thoughts daily ... I am praying for a miracle.

  4. Praying every day and every time you guys pop into my head. Our God is Healer!!!! I believe He can heal her. Hugs.

  5. I have only been following your blog for a couple weeks since a friend asked for prayers for your family. I am an EMT who lives in Edmonton and I work at ambulance dispatch. We also handle ground and air transports. If you have to come to Edmonton, please let me know if you need anything, even if it's just someone to sit with you if Hope needs any procedures. 780-974-2723 Sonya Olynyk

  6. Praying God intervenes and bring healing in Hope's body through the guiding of the medical team in how to treat her. You and your family are never far from my mind, and I pray for you often. Being a heart mommy, my heart often aches so deeply, for all that you are having to suffer through, but I pray for renewed strength daily and a grateful heart that can experience the most amazing grace in the midst of this turbulence. May your heart find a way to see the rich blessings God brings to you, even in the darkest, most painful days or nights. Will continue uplifting you guys in prayers daily over the Christmas holidays!

    Lindsey J Bleach