Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bye Bye Hospital!!

I'm trying not to get too excited, as we've been let down before.  We are told our discharge is scheduled for tomorrow, hopefully early in the day!  We still need to meet with the Pharmacy team to receive our medication instructions, get our prescriptions and we should be out the door!  Please pray that everything works out for our departure.  Pray for Shawn and I as we prepare to lose massive amounts of sleep.  It takes at least an hour to give Hope a feed through her NG tube, and she'll need to be fed every three hours, even in the night.  I will also need to pump each of those times I am up as well.  It will be a tough adjustment when we first get home, but we are thrilled to be out of the hospital.

I have tons of equipment already at the house to prepare for Hope's arrival.  We'll be weighing her and monitoring her SATS daily, feeding her through her NG tube, working at breast feeding, giving her injections of blood thinners twice a day and administering all of her meds.  To say we'll be busy with Hope (and Sadie) would be an understatement.  We will definitely need some help and we so appreciate all the help we've received thus far.

We know there are a lot of people waiting to meet Hope, but we are kindly asking people not to come over unannounced.  Hope's schedule is going to be very intense and there are certain times in the day that would be difficult to have visitors.  We'd love to see you, but we need to schedule visits around Hope and make sure we're not adding stress to our lives.  We hope you understand and aren't offended.  We are also asking people to stay away from Hope if you've been sick or in contact with someone that has been sick.  The doctor was reminding me today about how dangerous it will be for Hope to get sick.  We need to try hard to keep her healthy until her second surgery.

I'm headed home for dinner tonight.  I plan to finish prepping the nursery for Hope's arrival and bring her carseat back to the hospital.  It feels truly surreal to think about bringing our baby home 7 weeks and 2 days after she was born.  Please pray for Shawn and I as we work to have a healthy marriage with all the added stress of Hope's care and the lack of sleep.  We need each other and we all tend to take out our frustrations out on those we love the most!

Hopefully my next update is written from home!


  1. Such great news Amy!!! Rest when you can, forget the housework and the things that really don't matter. Others can always fill the gap with things you don't need to be doing:) Celebrate the home coming - excited to see pictures of Hope in the nursery!

  2. Wow...the day has come!!! I am believing that tomorrow is the Day!! Praising God for this!! You have been through so much, God has taken you through many days of drought, and discouragement, exhaustion, and have put God first, always praying, then putting your daughters health in the Hands of our Lord, and the professionals.
    What a journey Hope has been on since she entered the world. I am sure she is wondering as her big eyes say plenty as she looks around!
    It will be so awesome for her to finally come home to HER room, and feel the peace, the quietness, and the Lords presence! I can't imagine how well she will will be hard at first, as she is used to having people around, lights on, beeping noises, and lots of people around her...different voices etc. you take your little doll home, remember the day she was born, and then remember that God has been FAITHFULL to you both, and HE and only HE will give your little girl the health, and nurishment that she her Mommy! and her Daddy!!!
    As for Sadie...well...she will soon learn that there is going to be changes yet again. hoping that she has a quiet and gentle disposition, as she will need to share her parents.
    I am so glad that you have posted that the visiting should be down to a phone call right now. Always put your health, and your family first!
    We the people understand that Hope needs to remain healthy!
    So happy for tomorrow, and the fact that you may be making a very happy drive HOME!!! Finally with your family!!

    All the best to you, I hope that you have help at home from visiting nurses etc. to make sure you are ok.
    Take care, and take more pic's when you can!
    Love ya!!! and praying for God's blessing on your family!!! Praising HIM for what HE has done!!!!!

  3. Praying as you prepare for this massive transition! Praying for your marriage for sure, that you will be able to communicate & empathize, and still have the energy for all the healthy ingredients in a red hot marriage!

  4. So happy to read this today. Praise God! What a flashback for me reading it. We did all that when Dominic came home and the only way I can answer how we manange to do all that is totally with God's help. It is crazy and busy specially with another little one, but God just carries you through. I hardly remember that time, it is a big blur, but I know he was there the whole time. Keep a journal so you never forget. God Bless!


  5. Praying for all of you. For your transition into being all together and all of the care that Hope needs. I pray that you will be blessed beyond belief with gracious help. I also pray that the Lord will use this in many ways, including strengthening your marriage in ways you could have never imagined.
    Prayers. (from someone you don't know, but thinks about you often:) )

  6. amazing! praying praying praying as you make the awesome transition to life at home with Miss Hope!!! praying for all the help you need, for your marriage, for breastfeeding and for continued healing. i remember the nights of feeding and pumping... and the enox. you'll get through it all, and have an awesome testimony to share. take rest when you can! bless you guys! continuing in prayer!!! annie in toronto

  7. Such wonderful and welcomed news! Who knows the plans God has for your Little Miracle.

  8. Dear Amy and Shawn - I will pray as I have been for God to continue to heal Hope's body and prepare her for the second surgery. But as before I am holding you two up before His throne of Grace. Marriage is even work, hard work, when there are no children and no challenges. I'll pray you'll support each other even when you're slightly ticked and that you'll always remember that what is beautiful about the two of you is that you're different - you'll react differently to stress, to chaos, to crying babies, to being tired, to missing your run and your work much...but before there was Sadie and Hope, God knit you two together and He will keep you strong through the harder days. And no one loves either one of you as much as He does. He will carry you through!!! I'm praying for Shawn and Amy. Hugs!

  9. Andrea Reynolds25 May 2012 at 12:14

    We'll be continuing to life you all up in prayer. It's been amazing to "watch" how everything everything has unfolded and how God's hand has been on you all. We'll continue to pray. Can't wait to tell my kids! :)

  10. Such a huge step forward, and such a blessing. Continuing to pray for your family as you progress in this journey. Lyndsay and Dean