Friday, 4 May 2012

Hurry up and wait!

It's me again! (Charlotte).  Amy asked me to post an update, as they are going to be getting home too late tonight from the hospital.

Today was another day of waiting..... Hope had an OR time of 11:00 a.m. to have her PICC line put in but it wasn't until about 1:00 p.m. that they were ready for her.  The procedure went well and they were successful!  With the PICC in place, she could now be able to have her CT with contrast in order to see what the condition of her SVC was and what was happening with the blood clot.  Apparently, she is on the list for today, but it is almost 8:00 p.m. so it looks like it might be late tonight before she goes and we hear the results.  There was talk, at one point, of possibly doing a different test to get a better picture of the SVC, without the radiation of the CT, but that was ruled out.  Hope was pretty stable today and, even though it's frustrating to wait and still not know what is going on in that little body, it was great to enjoy very few alarms going off!  She is looking kind of pale but apparently that is because she is pretty "dry" after the Lasix has been helping her shed a lot of fluid.  They are hoping after her CT to extubate her, so long as the CT doesn't indicate a need for any unexpected surgery.

A highlight of the day was the arrival of my husband, Ian, and our son, Ryan - so good to see them!!  They brought along Sadie with them (they landed in Calgary and drove to Edmonton, as we were supposed to be in Calgary!!!).  Sadie was so glad to see her Mommy and Daddy and they were excited too!  After supper we went back to the hotel and Amy and Shawn headed back to the hospital to wait for Hope to have her CT.  As much as we wish they didn't have to do the CT and expose Hope to all that radiation, we are anxious to know the reason for the "turbulent" blood flow in her SVC and the status of the blood clot.

After a few days of feeling like you were just holding your breath, afraid to think of what could be next, it was nice to breathe!!.....even though we don't know what the CT will hold, it was nice to not have the room packed with doctors and nurses looking quite so worried!  It was still tough to watch Hope struggle with her ventilator, at times but, in this roller coaster ride that we're living right now....we were glad to take a breath! least for now!

Just keep praying that the CT will show the SVC clot-free and that there is no abscess or hematoma in her chest.  Pray also that this new PICC line will not clot or get infected.  They are also doing more tests on Hope's original blood cultures to see if there is a better antibiotic that they could be using.  Pray that this recent setback will not be long and that there will be no more complications!!  Yup, we need a miracle!

Address in Calgary for Hope notes:
Hope Koslowski
919 Centre St. NW
Suite 133
Calgary, AB
T2E 2P6
This is a UPS store and will allow things to arrive while Amy and Shawn are away and will be in use for the next 90 days.  We are so excited to show Hope how many people were praying for her while she grew.  If you haven't sent one yet and want to, there is still time.

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  1. Although I have followed every blog and made a way to call just to say we are praying, I often write and erase my comment on each blog 5 or 6 times. Sometimes its hard to know what to say. Your emotions must be so raw right now. The words, "we are praying for you guys" should mean a lot because we are seeing little glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel. I am thankful for the random guy who got the IV in hope's foot, thankful for the good doctors, thankful you guys are with Sadie, and thankful you are in RMH, and most of all thankful hope had a good day where a limited amount of alarms are going off. We are praying for more little miracles and even big ones......