Saturday, 19 May 2012

On the Move

I had a really neat opportunity today.  My nurse attached Hope to a portable monitor, and allowed me to carry her around.  I was no longer limited to the two feet of wire that attached her to the monitor at the bed.  I went for a walk through the halls, laid down on my bed with her and felt completely free.  It sounds so simple and yet, it felt like a huge step for Hope.

We had a setback today with establishing Hope's feeds.  She started on Q3 and did not tolerate it at all.  She threw up the first feed before it was finished and had the same reaction to our second attempt.  Her tummy is not ready for that kind of volume just yet.  They've taken her back to Q2 for the night and will reassess in the morning to decide our next plan of action.  Please continue to pray that we'll be able to reach Q3 soon, Hope has to reach it in order to go home.

I was really blessed today to have two friends come to the hospital.  One of them snuggled with Hope, while the other one took me outside for a much needed work out.  It felt nice to be in the fresh air and to get moving again after my pregnancy.  I tend to push myself more with others and truly appreciated the encouragement to be healthy and take time for myself.

Tonight I am writing from my own house, Shawn is at the hospital with Hope for the night.  He offered to spend the night with Hope so I could be at home with Sadie for a night.  It feels so great to be outside of the hospital and to do normal things.  I've been doing laundry, cleaning, organizing and catching up on the PVR too!

I put Sadie to bed in her big girl room for the first time.  She was completely fine with sleeping in her big bed and I haven't heard a peep since.  I guess the transition is going to be easier than we thought.  If we can continue this for the next week, we may be able to get the crib ready for Hope.  It seems surreal to think that Hope will live here with us before too long.  We are praising God for the progress she has made and the thought of bringing her home!


  1. Cheering for little Hope! Feeding issues can seem so slow...after the Norwood, my son took 2 1/2 hours every 3 hours to feed 50ml for so long (and lots of throwing up)...but slowly and surely it got better and 3 weeks later he was eating 50ml from a bottle in about 10 minutes and weaned off the anti-reflux feeding tube needed anymore! They really do just need time for their tummies to adjust.

    We were just discharged today in Edmonton after the Glenn, 5 days after surgery. God hears every prayer whispered for these little ones! So thankful

  2. wow, what great news, enjoy time at home tonight! Would watering down the Q3 formula help? (it's something they do here sometimes) Anyway its so exciting to see the little steps.

  3. Hi there! I was wondering what address I send Hope notes too?

    1. If you send me an email:, I would be more than happy to send it to you and would LOVE to receive the note for Hope's scrapbook. I just don't want to post the address on the blog as it's visible to the whole world! thank you.