Sunday, 20 May 2012

Daddy's Sleepover

Shawn here...
Over the past 24 hours I have gained a much more accurate understanding of what Amy has been going through by living at the hospital over this past week.

At around midnight last night the nurse came in to do one of her many assessments and discovered that Hope's PICC line had grown longer.  Over the course of the day her PICC line was slowly getting pulled out of her body.  By the time midnight came around, it was basically only in her arm by a couple of centimetres.  Instead of leaving the line in, the nurse decided to pull it out since it would likely become useless by the time Hope's 6 am antibiotics dose was due.

What that meant for me is that I was woken up at 5 am while the nurses attempted to put in a new peripheral IV.  Luckily the nurses were able to get a good IV in relatively quickly, but Hope pretty much screamed the entire time.  Once the nurses were done I got up and held her until she settled down and started to fall asleep.

Needless to say I didn't feel very rested by the time morning came around.  I don't know how Amy does it because I wouldn't be able to give up on my sleep night after night.

After yesterday's Q3 feeding failure Hope was placed back on Q2 late last night.  Throughout the remainder of the evening and the rest of the day she did well and didn't have any problems.

Amy and Sadie came over to do lunch and in the afternoon my parents came by to babysit Hope while Amy and I took a walk to Market Mall allowing Sadie the opportunity to take a nap in her stroller.

Tonight we left Hope alone and came home as a family for the first time in a week.  We are both looking forward to a good sleep to catch up on what we've both been missing.

Tomorrow you will get your regular blogger back but for now I hope my writing skills were able to keep your attention.

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  1. Hey Shawn been following daily since I found out about the blog. So glad to hear you are getting closer each day to bringing your baby home. Think of you guys and your amazing struggles daily. Thoughts being sent your way through the air waves. Take care, keep positive as I know you have both (and families/friends) been and the days will sneak on by and you'll all be home where you belong.

    Lorraine Hanlan (IPF)