Monday, 21 May 2012

Q3 success!!

That's right, Q3 was started again today and we've had 3 full feeds now and no barfing!  It seems Hope is tolerating the feeds and is doing so well.  She's been sleeping more, this is a sign that she's not too uncomfortable from the feeds.   I'm hoping I can get some sleep tonight, I worry so much about her barfing that I jump up at every sound she makes.  I'll have to get a nap tomorrow at some point to make up for it.

The IV is still holding strong and we have only 5 days left of the antibiotic.  I'm praying the IV line will hold out until the end and she won't have to get another one put in.  She doesn't get poked as often now and I would prefer that it stays that way.  She receives her blood thinner in her thigh twice a day, and her blood is drawn twice a week.  It's much better than the days they took her blood sugars every hour!

We spent a lot of time at the hospital this weekend.  Sadie does pretty well, but seems to hit a wall around the 6th hour of hospital visiting.  I'm surprised she makes it that long, I think watching Curious George helps!  It was incredible to sleep in my bed for the last two nights.  I will sure miss it as I climb onto the plastic mattress here tonight.  The doctor is still planning to send Hope home on the weekend, not sure if it would be Saturday or Sunday.  The antibiotics end on the 26th, but I'm not sure if she has to receive all 3 doses that day or not.  If I tell myself we're leaving on Monday morning, it will make anything earlier seem like a dream.

Thank you for praying for Hope and her feeds, it's clearly making an impact and we're thrilled to see her receiving full feeds!


  1. Great news!! Wow...God is soooo Good!!! He has done tremedous things...He will continue! We still need prayer, so people pray!!! God moves when His people pray!!
    So good to hear this! So happy for you!!! Praising God for Hope's life!!
    Love you guys!! <3

  2. great to hear positive news..we will keep praying...keep up the great work...thanks for sharing..Love the Omans

  3. The little things in life...not that this is little, but the amount of fluids that she is drinking.....we take it all for grantide when we are young mom's. We think that everything is going to be alright, and then our kids barf! We panic, and then move forward.....
    You on the other hand, feed, and then if she doesn't tolerate the feed, and barf's.....that is a huge deal for her life!
    Thanks for sharing all the things that we as mom's take for grantide when we feed out kids! It truly is the little things in life that are important!
    Thanks for sharing her story! and yours!!! Encouraged that she is doing so well...praying she will continue!!!