Thursday, 19 April 2012

24 hours down and a lifetime to go!

We have reached the 24 hour mark and are thankful that Hope is fairly stable.  The 24 hour mark is not a miraculous number in any way and doctors are sure to remind us that the battle is far from over.  The first 24 hours can be the most critical after surgery, unfortunately we could come across problems at any time.  Watching the doctors work with Hope is a bit of a guessing game, they give her a little more of this and a little less of that.  Then they wait to see how she responds and tweak it all again until they think they found the perfect formula.  Some things work for a few hours and then need to be changed again, there were a lot of changes made today.  Overall, she is fairly stable and keeping her numbers in decent ranges and they are pleased with how well she's done thus far.

At this point they are hoping to close her chest at some point tomorrow, this plan was made while she was still on a PD catheter that is used to take fluids out of their little bodies to keep the swelling down.  She wasn't tolerating the catheter well and was taken off it this afternoon.  She's not looking too swollen at this point, if that continues they may be able to close her chest anyway.  If her swelling gets any worse in the night, they may have to postpone the chest closing until she can tolerate the PD catheter.

Our darling Sadie returns to bless us with her laughs and smiles tomorrow night, we are so excited to have her back in Edmonton with us.  We know that having her here will force us to pull ourselves away from the PICU and that will likely be more healthy for us all.  We have been pretty good at taking breaks and balancing our time at the hospital.  Hope has one on one care with a nurse and this makes us feel quite comfortable when we're not with her.  I think it's nice for the nurses too, they constantly have to ask you to move and I'm sure when we're not there, they get a lot more done!

Keep on praying, we can see the power of prayer in our little Hope's life.  We look forward to telling her all about the army of prayer warriors that walked with her.


  1. Wow - what fantastic progress in such a short period of time.

  2. I am glad to hear that you are staying very positive. Hope is a miracle! A beautiful, precious miracle.

  3. Stephen J. Minns office20 April 2012 at 10:26

    I know we are your Mother's dental office but we are all praying for your family here in Novi.

  4. AWESOME update. Go Hope Go! We are full of hope for Hope, her heart, her health and her very long and abundant life :). Praying praying praying, and writing up a note for Miss Hope.
    with love from some of your toronto prayer team,
    annie, paul and miles

  5. Your story has just been passed to me asking for prayer - you bet I will! Great to hear the 24hr's post surgery has passed and Hope is charging on. I will continue in diligent prayer for your entire family knowing our awesome God will cover you and keep you in all your needs. Long distance prayers from Woodstock Ontario coming your way! Alison DD