Wednesday, 25 April 2012

.....And one step backwards......

Shawn came home from early rounds this morning to report that Hope had not had a very good night.  She began vomiting bile and then blood clots and then frank blood.  They took an x-ray of her stomach but didn't find anything suspicious, for which we are thankful!  They started her on antibiotics prophylactically and discontinued her tube feedings of breast milk.  They have done cultures to make sure there is no infection and have increased her morphine, as they were feeling that she may be in pain.  The neonatologist today explained that often when there is minimal oxygenated blood going to the stomach for a prolonged period of the time, the stomach can "get sick" and you have to back off on feeds and just give it a rest.  They had just upped Hope's feeds yesterday so possibly the extra was a bit too much for her.  They are watching her carefully and keeping a close eye on her.  If her cultures come back negative, then they'll discontinue the antibiotics.  Please pray that there is nothing else going on that could be more serious and that Hope's little stomach will heal and be able to tolerate her feeds when they are re-introduced.

I  had another IV infusion of antibiotics at the hospital today and this is the first day since this mastitis began that I haven't had a fever!  I still feel lousy but we're definitely moving in the right direction! The best part of the day was being able to go up to the NICU after the IV and hold my precious babe after 3 days of not even seeing her!  I got to hold her for a whole hour before my headache got worse and I simply couldn't stay any longer.  It was sure hard to leave.

I wasn't able to make it back up to the hospital, as I didn't want to push myself and miss out on seeing Hope tomorrow.  I go back for IV infusion tomorrow morning at 9 am and am hoping that this will be the last.  Please continue to pray for healing.  It's very discouraging to be feeling ill while Hope is in such great need.  I will say, she looks so much better without her breathing tube!  It was such a joy to listen to her little noises and her crying today as I held her.  She has a voice once again!  I can't wait to hear it again tomorrow.

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  1. Thankyou for sharing..we are praying for you all.we pray that God will just heal you and continue Hope on the right road of being able to go the omans