Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Jumping the gun??

I hate to post that surgery will be tomorrow, only to have to recant it once again!  But, I am saying in faith, surgery is booked for tomorrow and we have signed the consent, and spoken directly to the surgeon.  Hope is scheduled as his second case tomorrow and should be taken into the OR around 11am.  The surgery will take around 4-5 hours, depending on how things look when they get in there.  Would you join us in praying for our precious daughter, the surgical team and everyone else involved from 11-4 tomorrow?  The next few days will be very stressful and will likely be full of a lot of ups and downs.  We are going to need a lot of strength and endurance to walk through this time with Hope.  The first 24 hours post surgery are most critical in her survival, so please continue to lift her up as we wait out these painful hours with her.  We'll keep you posted as best we can in the crazy times ahead.


  1. Amy, Shawn, Sadie and our Tiny Miss Hope;
    We will continue to cover your family with prayer. Asking specifically for HIS peace to fall upon you and that you will be able to rest in HIS arms as He carries you through this enormously stressful journey.
    Know that as you go into surgery tomorrow a whole army, from around the world, will be interceding for Hope and everyone involved in her care.
    We love you guys and wish there was something tangible we could do for you. Hugs, The Coles'

  2. Focused on prayer from 11-4 tomorrow. We're with you guys. May you all feel the peace and presence of God stronger than ever before.

  3. I don't know you, but just wanted to let you know that I'll be lifting your tiny baby up in prayer tomorrow!...

    How great is it that in the best and worst of times, our God remains a completely sovereign and faithful God! He knows your hearts, hears your prayers, and the prayers of people around the world... And will use the precious life of your baby for His Glory!

    I'll be praying for wisdom for the doctors, healing for your baby, and peace for you... He is our comfort and great physician!

  4. Of course we'll be in prayer for all of you... Wishing you all the best, and praying for great healing and results!
    Tina (from PEI)

  5. Praying that God wraps you in His arms of grace and that Hope is held in the glory of His protection, today and always.