Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hope is taking her sweet time...

...still no baby, as of 9:15 AM in Edmonton. Amy has had an epidural and was able to get some sleep last night, which is good. But she is really nauseous, and obviously eager to bring this baby into the world. Shawn and my mom slept a little bit much as you can, in a hospital room, snuggled on a single mattress with your mother-in-law.  The nurses and doctors are hesitant to up the pitocin dosage because of its effect on Hope, so they're going slow. Please don't stop praying! Pray for everyone to have energy and strength after a long night. Pray for Sadie to have a fun day, and to not feel unease that she didn't wake up to her Mom, Dad, and Nana. Oh, and Happy Birthday Hope...April 4th will be a better day for the rest of time, because it is YOUR birthday!

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