Sunday, 1 April 2012

God's Perfect Design

I remember hearing a friend tell someone that God makes pregnancy 40 weeks to make us uncomfortable enough to be willing to go through labour!  Today,  I have to fully agree with that statement.  On Monday when we went into the hospital, after I peed my pants, I was not ready to give birth and felt a lot of fear.  Today, I am beyond uncomfortable and frustrated, I would LOVE to go through labour!  I have been having weak contractions, tightenings, cramping and other fun things for days, with no rewards.

Although I still have reservations about Hope's arrival, I am ready to bring her into this world and start the journey with our little girl.  As a result, my impatience is great and this has made me pretty grumpy at times.  Every step I take is uncomfortable, sleeping is tough, bending over is nearly impossible and the waiting can be boring at times.  I still desire for Hope to arrive in God's perfect timing, I just pray it's in the next few hours!

Tomorrow afternoon we're going to have a fetal stress test done.  I'm hoping to not make this appointment but I'm starting to think I'll be there!  Please pray for us all as we continue this waiting game, I'm looking forward to posting pictures of our little girl when she decides to appear!

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  1. I think Hope wants you to notice how strong and determined she is. She is very independent and wants to come out in her grand timing! I have no doubt that God has created a masterpiece with this little girl. Praying she comes out a fighter, strong and full of will to live life to the fullest!