Monday, 23 April 2012

Back to the NICU!

Hello!  This is Charlotte, Amy's mom.  Amy is still not feeling that well, so I'll be giving you the update today!   Her fever has come down but is still low grade and she is now dealing with a migraine and a whopping case of heartburn.   To say the least, Mamma is not happy!  Thanks for your prayers for her, I know she is feeling so frustrated that she cannot be at the hospital with little Hope right now.

Today was a big day!  Hope returned to the NICU!  This is always a good step, as it shows that the doctors don't think she'll be needing the heart/lung machine, which is only available in the OR and the PICU.   They removed her chest tube today and also her Foley catheter.  She still has approx. 12 tubes/wires/lines attached to her body, so we've still got a way to go!  Her x-ray this morning showed that her lungs are still a bit "wet" so they decided not to extubate her, as they still want to move slowly, so not to push her more than she can handle.  If her lungs sound clearer tonight, they may proceed, or wait until tomorrow.  She was quite "puffy" when they moved her to the NICU and they said they are working at getting more fluid off her body.  All in all, they are pleased with her progress so far and happy that she is making steps in the right direction.

I spent most of the day just sitting by her bed, touching her, talking to her and singing to her.  Shawn's Aunt Edith came to get Sadie for the day so that I could be with Hope and Amy could be in bed!  Hope was awake a couple of times and it was so good to just sit and see her so alert and less sedated.  She is still on the Morphine but they are reducing that gradually.

Please continue to pray for Hope.  She has done well so far but we are reminded daily that she still has many obstacles to overcome and a long road yet ahead.  We are just rejoicing in every step and thanking God for each and every bit of good news!  Thanks again for being a part of this journey.....


  1. Thank you, Charlotte. I am praying for your little girl and her little girl. (And Sadie and Shawn and all who are effected by Hope's illness.) I had a baby in NICU for a few months, but at least I was healthy. I can't imagine what Amy is going through right now. May you all be strengthened and encouraged and amazed at God's love and power in your lives today.

  2. It's such a blessing to hear Hope is recovering so well. Amy, our prayers are with you for healing and strength so you can be back with precious Hope at the hospital. It's such a blessing to have the support from all of your family to be able to step in and take care of things while you're not feeling well. And for Shawn's work being flexible and allowing him to work out a reasonable schedule. Daily prayers are going up to our Heavenly Father for Hope. For continued strength and healing daily.
    It is clear that God's hand is over all of this and I'm sure little Hope can feel the love she's receiving.
    Continuing in faith daily.