Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Infection present

It was a rough night, we were woken up at 4am with a phone call from the NICU to tell us that Hope was being intubated as she was not breathing well on her own.  We couldn't go back to sleep after a call like that, so Shawn and I drove into the hospital to see our little girl.  She was highly sedated and seemed pretty settled.  We drove home for a couple hours of sleep before returning this morning before rounds.

Hope is still very sedated and tolerating the breathing tube well, she sucks on it like a soother but randomly chokes on it a bit too.  We were told this morning that Hope's blood cultures did start to grow some bacteria, this shows that she has an infection of some kind.  They drew more blood this morning to see if it would grow bacteria again, as she has been on antibiotics for 24 hours and they're hoping they've already stopped the infection.  If they have, surgery will stay on schedule for Thursday, if they come back positive for bacteria again they'll have to bump her surgery.  Please pray against this as we're hoping she'll be able to go in for surgery on Thursday and not have to wait too much longer.

They are going to allow us to hold her for a little bit today but it's a more complicated process with the breathing tube in and we won't be able to hold her for long.  Please pray for strength for us today, we're pretty emotional and extremely exhausted.  We really need a good sleep after such a short sleep last night.


  1. We are praying Amy. Asking God for comfort beyond understanding my friend.

  2. Kayla Giebelhaus10 April 2012 at 12:45

    I'm praying for rest and peace today. I pray that God would be the strength for you and Shawn, and that the infection would be gone so that the surgery can happen on Thursday.
    Love you guys! Thanks for the updates

  3. We are continuing to pray for all 4 of you.

    For you and Shawn, that the Lord, the God of all comfort, would grant you endurance and encouragement and peace that passes understanding. That He would carry your burdens and give you rest for your souls. That your sleep would be deep and rejuvenating.

    For Hope, that she would know the comfort of the Holy Spirit and of angels and that she would know through this and always that God is good. That her infection and fever would leave, in Jesus' name. That she would remain medically stable and that her surgery would go according to plan in every respect.

    For Sadie, that she would remain healthy and that she too would feel close to God during this time. That she would not be anxious about anything but would enjoy the simple joys of childhood with her relatives.

    For the surgeons, respiratory technicians and nurses, that all would be alert and vigilant, and have wisdom and medical intuition to make the best decisions in every detail of her care.

    For all of you that even during this horrible journey, you would experience the goodness of the Lord, the blessings of the Lord.

    Karen & Alain

  4. And! That God would be glorified in this WHOLE SITUATION. That He would make Himself known to many through Hope's life.

    Karen (who hasn't really committed to the 21st century yet and doesn't know how to avoid the Anonymous label) & Alain (who loves her anyway)

  5. Dear Amy & Shawn:
    I am a friend of Phil & Sheena's from PEI.
    We recently went through a learning curve similar to you. Our little guy was born with VSD (where the wall between the 2 ventricles is open) - and he also took infection after birth - we were told that he would not make March without open-heart sugery- He was fed through a feeding tube for 3 months, (I pumped-as he did not have the strength to suck) - He is now 15 months old, and has not needed surgery yet. It was a true answer to prayer for us on April 17th, 2011 when God made him stronger. I just wanted to share with you ... my heart goes out to you - I have shed tears for you as well - I know that dealing with a sick baby is one of the hardest things a parent has to deal with - know that you are being prayed for - My hope and prayer is that this will fortify you in the days to come. It is not an easy road, and would not wish it upon anyone, however, God DOES give us the strength to endure and comforts us with His Love and puts people into our lives to help lift us up when we are feeling down. I want you to know that if I can do ANYTHING for you - even if its you calling to ask how things went with us, PLEASE do so - do not even hesitate. Our situations are not the same, but are similar... you are not alone, and know that you are being prayed for from our Church family here in Alberton, PEI, and in our home. Take care, and God Bless! Tina

  6. Hey Amy,

    Steph and I are thinking and praying for you and your family. It is tough being so helpless, we found having a strong support network and trusting God is the best way through it. If you haven't noticed yet (which I'm sure you have) God presents himself in the most unique ways as you are going through this. Rest assured Hope is a blessing to many and will have a bigger impact on this world than you could ever imagine. It is special little people like Hope that bring out the true goodness in people. Praying for strength and endurance for you and Shawn and of course peace and healing for little Hope.

    Stand Strong

  7. Hi there,
    My husband, son and I were at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto yesterday for our little guy to have a sedate echo in anticipation of his third open heart surgery (he's 27 months right now). He's healthy and strong, and SUCH a miracle. He has defied the odds at every turn. We bless Hope to do the same!
    As we sat at our son's bedside waiting for him to wake up, we read your blog update with Hope's beautiful picture. Then we prayed together for all of you. For Hope - for healing, for infection to leave her body, for her to experience and hear the Lord singing over her each day and especially in the night... for God's peace, strength and comfort, and that she would only have contact with those nurses and doctors that God appoints to her care. We also prayed for you and Shawn ... that as you navigate this journey each moment and each day you will know God's sustaining presence upholding you even as you feel exhausted... that you would have many God appointments in each day... that your sleep will be multiplied... that your body will heal quickly and completely... and that you'll have wisdom and courage for each decision and each challenge on this road. You are warriors, all. God is with you. He is good and full of mystery. and He is with you and with Hope. He is so very very fond of your sweet and strong girls. Bless you guys. -with love and prayers from Annie, Paul and Miles in Toronto