Thursday, 30 August 2012

Edmonton, again?

It's pretty weird to be back here, it just feels so normal.  Walking through the Stollery, the Ronald McDonald House and driving through Edmonton feels natural.  I don't know why we expect things to change so much while we're gone, they seem exactly the same to me.  I do think about Lincoln and his precious family all the time while I'm here, I miss him more here.

I feel more confident while Hope is here in Edmonton, the doctors in Calgary are fantastic, but Edmonton is known for its expertise and it shows.  They are putting Hope through a complete work up and checking everything out for themselves.  She did so well in the echo today, they had done one when she landed, but she was crying too hard to get a clear picture.  Today she was an angel as I held her for the echo, she really is a lot happier.

We need to get up early to get back to the hospital for rounds.  Hope is going to have a rough night tonight, she's having her feeding tube changed, oxygen prongs re-positioned, tapes changed and a bath.  It doesn't sound like the kind of night she's going to enjoy.  My loving heart wishes I could be there to comfort her, but my realistic one knows that it would break my heart too.

We're slowly settling in, we didn't bring a whole lot.  We have all the bags unpacked and moved into our new home/room.  We only have 3 yogurts and 2 bananas in the fridge, I don't think breakfast will be that exciting tomorrow morning!  We need to get to a grocery store, it didn't work out for today but I'm sure one of us will get there tomorrow.

We are truly touched that so many people are continuing to pray for Hope.  Thank you all for caring for our sweet girl, she has taught us so much about the love of God.  I can only begin to imagine how much he loves Hope!

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  1. Amy,

    I have been following your blog that we found through Jon & Lydia. Our son was born with CCTGA (corrected transposition of the Great Arteries). It has been devastating, but we are constantly on our knees praying for him. It has been our heart to connect with as many other heart families as we can and it is such a privledge to join with your family in prayer for baby Hope. We as a family have been praying for her everyday. Even our little 4 year old reminds me to pray for her. AS a mother, I can meet you right at all your emotions. I am grieved for you, but I also know the extreme peace that God grants us during our darkest hours. Sending all our love and our committment to storm heaven's gates for your entire family!

    Much love from Texas,
    The Elliot Family