Thursday, 16 August 2012


I don't have much to update you on.  The internet in the hospital is not very good and my post from last night didn't make it online until this morning, it's also huge!  Today we had some blood work done that the GI specialists ordered.  These results will likely take 24-48 hours and we won't hear anything about them today.  Hope was taken for an ultrasound in the afternoon to take a closer look at some things in her abdomen.  We're hoping to get some results tonight, but we aren't going to hold our breath.  With it being 5pm already, I'm assuming that a lot of the people we'd need to speak with have already gone home for the day.  So hopefully tomorrow will have some answers from all these tests!

This morning the cardiologist started Hope on a heart support drug.  They still don't see any sign of problems with her heart, but are doing it as a precaution.  Until the MRI is done, they have a limited view of her heart function.  They have thrown out the idea that her problems could be related to the early stages of heart failure.  This is obviously not what we want and we are praying that this is not true.  Regardless, it is safer to start her on the drug as a precaution until the MRI on Tuesday.

A few people have mentioned the potential of a weekend pass.  It would allow Hope and I to sleep at our house and come check in here each day.  They sometimes do this when they don't plan to run any tests or have any new treatments for you.  We're trying not to hold our breath but would love to get out of here for a good sleep!  My extra padding does help a bit, but it's not as good as my bed at home.

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  1. Thanks for being such a good Mommy! I am so lucky and so blessed!

    Love Hope and Nursey! :)