Thursday, 9 August 2012

MRI Date!

It's official now, we have a date for our MRI, but not the one we thought.  Hope is having her MRI on August 28th in the morning at 9am.  This works out perfectly for her to be presented to the surgical board in Edmonton in early September, at that time we'll receive our surgery date.  Although we are happy to have an MRI date and are relieved that it is in August as we'd hoped, it's also something that scares us.

I don't like the idea of Hope being put to sleep and the potential for complications makes me feel a little sick to my stomach.  Shawn will likely take the morning off work and stay with us at the hospital until we know Hope is stable and going to be okay.  Please join us in praying for Hope's MRI even now.  That we'd have the perfect anesthetist and that everyone involved would be in top form that morning.  That Hope's heart and also her lungs would tolerate the procedure and the introduction of some new drugs.  We are praying against any need for her to be intubated as this would further damage her floppy voice box and complicate her breathing.  Thank you for standing with us in this.


  1. praying for you all - and have been, even while quiet on the blog comments front. our little man just had an mri ahead of an autumn surgery. praying for each item you mention. bless you guys each day of your journey. - annie in toronto

  2. SO happy to hear about the MRI date - things are moving forward!

  3. Hi Amy
    Well your prayer warriors in Ontario would love magnets. So if you can send 15 this way that would be awesome. I am more than willing to page for postage! Everyone is excited to have Hope on their fridge and in their prayers:)
    Have a great visit with nana and take a great photo for her new frame. We think of all of you often and pray daily!