Tuesday, 21 August 2012

MRI Update

This is Amy's mom, Charlotte.  Amy has asked me to update the blog for her....

Hope came through her MRI okay and is awake and making noises and seeming like herself.  They had to intubate her for the procedure because of the risk of vomiting and aspiration, although she was extubated immediately after the MRI was finished.

Although there have been no initial results given from the cardiologist, the MRI did show that she has fluid on her lungs.  Her oxygen saturations are also low - in the 60's.  Typically, Hope's O2 sats are in the 70's and even 80's.  They are taking her down to x-ray right now to get a look at her lungs and are talking about re-admitting her.

Even though this journey with Hope has been full of ups and downs, you still aren't prepared for the "downs".  To think that this fluid in her abdomen has now moved into her lungs is not the news we were wanting to hear.   Nevertheless, we lean on God for our strength and peace when the road takes a twist and we continue to ask Him to keep her little heart strong until her next surgery.  We're not sure of the next steps but will keep you updated as we hear.  Again, your prayerful support is worth the world to us!

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