Monday, 27 August 2012

Ping Pong with my Baby

Our new life has taken on the appearance of a ping pong game.  This afternoon we were moved down to the ICU to get Hope started on Milrinone.  The doctor that was once the head of the entire ICU came to get an IV started for Hope.  After 6 attempts, 4 in her head, they decided they weren't going to get a good IV and didn't want to put her through any more attempts.  The screaming is dangerous for Hope's heart...mommy's too!  I had to leave the room and walk down the hall to avoid bursting into tears.

So...we were moved BACK up to the ward for the night.  Tomorrow, Hope will be taken to the OR and have a PICC line put in.  We're not very excited about this, obviously.  We're worried about Hope clotting again and losing access to her heart for future lines that she'll need in surgery.  We're worried about Hope needing to be intubated in the OR again tomorrow, she still has a weakened voice from the intubation last Monday.

The teleconference tomorrow will take place between 12-3pm.  Please join us in praying that all these geniuses involved in discussing our little girls care would come up with a perfect solution.  We really want to see Hope make some progress and we would love some answers!

Please continue to pray for Holly as well.  She is still in surgery and we likely won't get any updates on her until midnight.

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  1. Amy, you don't know me but I know Erin Brophy and have been following your precious Hope's story. I work at the Children's and will definitely be praying for you all day tomorrow and thinking of you all. If there is anything I can do or anything you need ... even just a cup of coffee ... I would love to help out. Bless you.