Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tuesday, the Day of Discovery?

Not much to report on today...
The doctors came to see Hope today and have decided to let the doctors in Edmonton decide what to do next.  Hope will be presented to the Edmonton Surgical board on Tuesday.  At that time, they will decide if they want to tap her stomach to identify the fluid, do a heart cath to check on her pressures, or book her Glenn (second surgery) to see if that will resolve these issues.  Until Tuesday, we wait.

Hope was put onto continuous feeds today as her tummy is not tolerating her food well.  She will stay on continuous feeds until morning.  They will then attempt some bolus feeds and see how she does.  Once she is eating well and tolerating it, they may send her home until they decide what to do next.  This could be interesting as my "bug" has completely wiped out my milk supply.  I'm totally dried up now and have 2, maybe 3 weeks of milk left in the freezer.  We'll need to begin introducing formula and this could throw Hope's tummy off.  Please join me in praying that Hope will do wonderfully through this transition and it won't make her uncomfortable.

As for me...I've developed a system.  I have a book in the bathroom for the time I spend there.  I have a computer, the tv, my cell phone and home phone in the family room.  I spend my time on the couch or the toilet.  I'm pretty sure I should stop trying to eat, it never lasts long and I tend to be sicker.  I'll try a liquid diet and see how I do I guess.  I'm worried about my run training and falling behind.  It's already a stretch for me to run and being a week behind is going to be tough...I'm going to need a miracle to make it to the finish line!

Thank you for caring about my gross digestive problems and my sweet girl.  Shawn is enduring the hospital, although he has developed a lot of respect for me.  He can't believe I've done this so much in the past, he's miserable.  If you're healthy, he likes visitors and non-hospital food.  We're lucky his employer has been so patient with our family through this craziness!
Feeding the ducks while we wait for Hope to finish her MRI 

Holding Hope after the MRI, before the reaction started

Laying in Hope's crib in the ICU


  1. when you feel up to it, that BRAT diet works wonders.....Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast And it sounds crazy but flat coke is good too. If you know of a British store, there is a drink called Lukozade and it is FULL of electrolytes....if not load up on gatorade. Hope you feel better soon!! :)

  2. Amy
    There is a milk bank in Calgary now. This may be an alternative to introducing formula into Hope's diet. Also, keep pumping if you have the energy. You should be able to get some, if not all of your milk supply back in about 3 days. I have seen this happen in my practice and personally. You could also get prescription for domperidone (if you're not on it already) to help increase your supply. The starting dose is 2 tabs four times a day. The LC at ACH should be able to give you the Alberta Health Services pamphlet on this med. You have done a great job so far and you are so close to reaching your breastmilk supply goals for Hope!

  3. hi Amy,
    You don't know me but i'm a friend of Ryan and Christen's. i've been keeping up with your blog and praying for sweet Hope! i can't believe everything you have endured and are enduring. It's obvious the Lord is sustaining you all. i just wanted to recommend Fenugreek for your milk supply if you want to try one last stab at nursing. I know how important that was to you to do for Hope. If you can find it at a health food store the dose is 3 tablets, 3 times a day. i had a horrible stomach virus for days and was also completely dried up. After 24 hours i saw a huge difference and by 48 hours my milk supply was back. obviously hydration has something to do with that too but i really think the Fenugreek helped. just passing that along! i'm praying you get better ASAP! i feel horrible that you have to be sick like this on top of everything else. Hang in there!