Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Thankful for Every Bit of Good News!

Amy has asked me again to update the blog, so I have copied an email that I just sent out to Hope's "prayer warriors"!.........

Just got word that Hope's echo today shows that her heart function has returned to normal and there is no permanent heart damage from yesterday!!!  Yay God!  We are rejoicing in this good news and are thankful to God for His healing hand on Hope during the night.

The docs are not yet breathing a sigh of relief, however, as there are still many unanswered questions and issues yet to be figured out. The fluid in her abdomen is still a mystery and they are not sure they have an accurate picture of the pressures in her heart. There is some talk about transferring her to Edmonton to do a heart cath. This, however, would put her at risk again for a reaction to the contrast dye, even though it is a different dye than they use with the MRI.  Hope's reaction yesterday is unprecedented - the docs said they have never heard of a reaction like hers and that she will be a case for medical journals to come. We would prefer for her to be much more "typical" to say the least!

Amy is still down for the count and Shawn is with Hope at the hospital.

Still, we have so much to be thankful for!  At times like this, it's so easy to be focused on all the "bad" news and gloss over the good news because everything is still not "perfect".  When I stop to count our blessings, they are many:

- it is such an answer to prayer that Hope's heart function is back to being good - just as it was before the MRI reaction

- the fact that her SVC has 100% of blood flow going through it is another miracle in itself.  Previously, it was 25% still blocked but that has cleared making her SVC perfectly ready for the Glenn

- although there is never a good time to get the stomach flu, yesterday morning would have been MUCH worse

- Hope survived a very unexpected severe reaction to the MRI or anesthetic (they are still unsure which it is) and managed to pull through some pretty scary moments!

There is power in please keep praying everyone!

Pray that:

- Hope will remain stable as they attempt to figure out some of the issues she is facing

- for medical expertise and a plan of action that is best for Hope

- for protection from infection and further complications

- for renewed strength for Amy and Shawn, especially Amy right now.  It is torture for her to not be able to be with Hope right now.  Yesterday, she crawled right in Hope's crib with her in the ICU just so she could be close to her and comfort her.  (Not too sure Shawn will attempt this today!!)  : )

Your support, love, encouragement and concern is such a gift to all of us.  All of you, and your prayers to our mighty God, are making a difference in the life of our Little Miss Hope!

Love Charlotte (Amy's mom)

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