Thursday, 30 August 2012

Just the facts...

We are just leaving to grab a quick dinner and I know some people have been waiting for an update that don't follow along on Facebook.  I'll give you some of the facts and will try to write more later...

Hope has been doing well here, she's still on oxygen but is stable.  Today they moved her up to the ICE, this is a step down from ICU but a step up from the ward.  Until she finishes her Milrinone trial and is ready for the heart cath, they didn't need her to to be in the ICU.

They did another echo today and said that her heart function is looking good.  The cardiologists here do not believe the fluid in her abdomen is related to heart failure, although they have no idea why it's there.  It looks like the heart cath won't happen until next week.  With the long weekend, I assume that Tuesday would be the earliest they'll take her.  We're truly praying that if she is a candidate for the Glenn, that they do it while we're here and don't send us home and tell us to come back again!

The Milrinone is doing something, Hope is a lot happier.  Either that, or she just missed the nurses here in Edmonton and is happy to be back!  In case you haven't heard, we miraculously got into the Ronald McDonald House!  This is a true gift and we feel blessed to be back here and not be in the hotel any longer.  My mom also arrived last night to help us balance the hospital visits, Sadie and life in general.  I don't know how a family would survive without support from family and friends.

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