Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Get a snack...pray for Hope!

Snacks, Drinks and Hope...the perfect combo in everyone's life!  I had hoped to send out birth announcements when Hope was born, I wanted people to have something to remind them to pray for her.  I never did get those birth announcements out.  Then around 4 months of age, we had some professional photos taken of Hope.  I thought about sending them out now, but realized that announcing her birth was a bit weird 4 months later.  I found the perfect solution on Costco's website that allowed me to send out a photo card with multiple photos.  It also had a space where I had hoped to thank everyone for continuing to pray for our little fighter, it was perfect.  Sadly, after hours of frustration and the photos not uploading, the store not having the same options and my patience running thin, I admitted defeat.  Then it came to me, our good friend at High Country Colour in Calgary would be able to make magnets.  It was a wonderful solution; a picture of Hope and a reminder to pray for her every time you felt hungry or thirsty.  They arrived this week and were even more awesome than I had pictured them.  Sadie put at least 100 on the fridge while saying, "Hope, more Hope, more Hope."

My challenge now is distribution, I don't exactly have the time to mail them to everyone that reads the blog and prays for Hope.  We value your prayers enough, I will send them to everyone if I need to!  I realize that many of you have started to pray for Hope because a friend or family member knows us.  I wondered if everyone who would like to put Hope on their fridge to help remind them to pray, could contact their friend who told them about Hope.  Then, if people could let me know how many they needed, I could send multiples to one person instead.  If you don't know anyone...then I'll send it to you directly.  We would be more than happy to mail them, your prayers are worth far more to us than the cost of a stamp.  They are priceless in Hope's continued growth and strength.


  1. Could you send a few to Erica Boyd? I'd like a few - one for me and my daughter Beth who's been praying and one or two for the office in case anyone asks.

  2. And if you could put another one into Erica's package for me that would be great. Thanks, Lois Brouwers.

  3. Could you send one to Indonesia? We are from YWAM with Ryan and Christen and are praying.

    1. We could! Just email me your address to