Monday, 27 August 2012

Holly's Heart!!

Today is a very exciting day...Holly is in Edmonton getting her new heart!  We are so excited for Holly and her family.   This is a gift like no other.  Please pray for them as Holly goes through the surgery and also recovers with her new heart.  We also ask that everyone is praying for the family that has lost their little one as well.  I can only imagine the pain they are feeling and only wish we could have the opportunity to thank them.

Today is a day of change for Hope.  She is now waiting for a bed in the ICU.  The doctors are still unsure of what's really going on with her.  They've decided to put her on a trial of Milrinone (a heart drug) to see if helping her heart will make an impact on her other symptoms as well.  We welcome this idea, and we're hoping this will be the turning point for Hope.  Please pray that the Milrinone will have a positive impact on Hope's overall health; that it would heal her issues in the abdomen, and also make her heart stronger.  Please pray for her as she'll need to have an IV put in, and this is not an easy task with Hope.  She is already covered in bruises from the failed IV attempts during her MRI.  We pray that the first try would be successful and that the IV wouldn't fail and need to be restarted.

Tomorrow the cardiology teams in Edmonton and Calgary will meet through teleconference.  Please pray for wisdom for everyone involved as they discuss Hope's condition and make decisions about her next steps.  We are praying as a family that she would get sent to Edmonton soon and be able to have her second surgery.  It sounds like she may have to have a heart cath first, if that's the case, we're hoping it will happen right away.

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